kandahar homedubs, d.b.a. sad dad records (that's our paypal name)

kandahar homedubs was born way back in november of 2013 as an economics project, but soon blossomed into a record and tape label dedicated to releasing strange music in strange ways. all releases are dubbed with a recordex tape duplicator and housed--with love--in unique and unconventional packaging.

in the near future, the crew here at khd plan to release movies on vhs, and maybe have another vinyl release. for now, we're playing it safe and sticking with tapes. if you think you're cut out to join the fam, whether you want to send us a demo or even volunteer your time to help us, just click the "contact us" link in the sidebar. all other inquiries (press, distribution, etc.) should go through the "contact us" email as well.

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please note we are in no way associated with nyc's sad dad records. the "sad dad" in our name is an acronym for "superior audio, dubbed and distributed."