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Amy Big Booty Bill and Da Fish Boy Band
H.A.F. Luxury Elite Mark and Robert
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We don't know much about Amy. We're not even sure Amy's human. All we know is that Amy is a noise artist from Ohio who released "infinity" through Kandahar Homedubs, and that they can really shred on the drums. For all we know, Amy might just be some twisted figment of our imagination; a nightmare that's broken free from the ether, and now haunts the living. Check out more of Amy (now recording under the name Figure with Meat) here.


Big Booty Bill and Da Fish are two brothers who like to swag. Together, they have released three rap mixtapes, each one brimming with braggadocio, simmering with swag, and topped off with veritable heaps of vaporwave. Although they have had two releases on Kandahar Homedubs, they still prefer to give out their music for free, knowing that not everybody can be as stacked as them. Download their music here.


Asheville-based producer Boy Band creates the kind of music that has been birthed from the new generation of SP-404s and Ableton effects overload: at times quiet and intimate, other times bombastic and larger-than life...all the while maintaining a powerful ambiance keeping your attention on the countless layers of guitars, synths, and vocals that rapidly blend together in the compressed space of a pop song. With a sound that pays tribute to--then one-ups--his bedroom pop influences, Boy Band sings about happiness through sadness, love through lonliness, and life through death in his idiosyncratic sprechgesang of earnest sentimentality. More than just a pop artist, Boy Band is the most recent iteration of the producer's multifaceted output: before this, he had released beat tapes, more guitar-oriented music, and was part of a post-rock group in high school--all of which have been synthesized into the compelling releases that populate the Boy Band canon. Hear more Boy Band here.


Have you ever seen a grown man naked? H.A.F. have. Have you ever watched the life slip away from someone before your very eyes? H.A.F. have. In fact, this Kentucky-based post-hardcore duo have seen and done a lot of crazy stuff. After releasing their album "29 Dogs" on Kandahar Homedubs, they went on a house show tour, hawking their wares and drawing noise complaints all across the East Coast. You can hear more of them here.


Luxury Elite is a musician who needs no introduction. A native of Kentucky, this anonymous producer has amassed global critical acclaim, being namedropped everywhere from the Chicago Reader to Japan's Massage Magazine. Needless to say, both pressings of her legendary "101.7 WAVE II" cassette have long been sold out, but she'll always be a member of the Kandahar Homedubs fam. Keep in touch with Lux here.


Mark and Robert are two brothers from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. And, boy, do they love poop jokes. But don't be fooled, there's more to this duo than just "DOOKIE! DOOKIE!" yelled ad nauseum. Originally starting out on YouTube as The Spoof Man Group, these two boys have built up a modest following for both their comedy sketches and their musical endeavors. So far, they have released one album for Kandahar Homedubs, and have another on the way. And yes, that means more poop jokes. Check out more of Mark and Robert here.


New York's very own Ryan DeRobertis, better known as Saint Pepsi, is the name on everybody's lips right now. After releasing a string of funky vaporwave albums online in 2013, Saint Pepsi caught the eyes and ears of the general public with his breakthrough album "Hit Vibes," landing him a deal with Carpark Records, as well as getting Pepsi themselves involved with legal action. Technically, Ryan isn't Saint Pepsi anymore, but his sold-out rerelease of "World Tour" on Kandahar Homedubs proudly carries this now-controversial moniker. Fight the power! Send your love letters to Saint Pepsi here.


Hailing from Moscow, Russia, experimental artist Жы (pronounced "zhEE") is a smooth-talking, spice-smoking hooligan--or at least his public image portrays him as one. Backed by chaotic, semi-rhythmic beats, Жы speaks with a powerful intensity, even when all he's saying is "SPICE! SPIIIICE!" in an ecstatic falsetto. Жы has made quite the name for himself in Russia and abroad, thanks to his avant-garde musical prowess and ability to shock any scene he comes in contact with. Before releasing "Gay Vibes" on Kandahar Homedubs, Жы had built up a name for himself in the vaporwave scene under various monikers--most notoriously, 1996--and had amassed a following with his Жы alias through his affiliation and collaboration with "hardvapour" netlabels, such as Vaporstan and Antifur. Name-dropping aside, Жы is an artist in a league of his own, and he shows no signs of slowing down his massive musical output. Enjoy more Жы here.