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Hearts Bonfire - "American Express" c22

hearts bonfire's 2nd cassette. recorded fall 2013-spring 2014.

atlantic ocean blue c22 with white imprinting. comes in a norelco case with one-sided j-card. limited to 20. $5

stream/download here.



Petridisch - "Duets" c38

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kandahar homedubs' final chapter is a beautiful collection of stripped-down tracks from boston experimental musician and diy hero petridisch. the tape's a side is made up of of "piano versions" of older works by the artist--rapt with petridisch's haunting compositional trademarks that toe the line between medieval chant and 20th-century atonal. accompanying petridisch's piano work are programmed vocal lines from the vocaloid voice synthesizer, adding another layer to the strange sonic palette. side b is more traditional petridisch: an excerpt from an at-home performance. hand-engraved carolina blue c38 wrapped in a pink anti-static bag with a paper insert, enclosed in a hand-engraved junction box. limited to 15.

stream/download here.

Boy Band - "Death" c18


a beautiful mini-album by asheville bedroom pop artist boy band, now on tape for the first time. with songs ranging from heartfelt love notes to depressive self-doubt, boy band masterfully blends 808s, casio keyboards, whispering vocals, and a soundscape of guitars and synths in a way that's much like a phil spector or kevin shields production (if they recorded in an apartment instead of a studio). an album short enough to encourage repeat listens, but long enough to get its message of death, life, love, and fear across. clear c18 housed in a lavender coffin (designed by matteson haglund) with an "old-school" style paper insert and fake flowers. personalized by boy band! limited to 15.

stream/download here.

Жы - "Gay Vibes" c76


russian experimental artist Жы (say: zhEE) graces kandahar homedubs with "gay vibes," a so-called "greatest hits" collection that collects his numerous bandcamp releases into one massive tape. for the uninitiated, "gay vibes" is not only an introduction, but a total immersion into the world of the spice-loving жы. for the aficionado, this is a beautiful collector's piece that encompasses the weird, noisy ethos of жы's body of work. for everyone, it is a spice trip to remember. pink c76 packaged in a gold spice bag with a rainbow inner sleeve; includes a blue paper insert and two stickers. limited to 20.$6

check out more Жы here.

Mark & Robert - "The Unreleased Sessions" c25


the brothers robinson return with a collection of recordings that will surely make you just as confused as their last album did. this 25 minute tape is packed to the brim with sketches, outtakes, head-scratchers, and booty-shakers that will entertain even the most serious of listeners, with bonus cassette-only tracks! lime green cassette housed in a frog with a lime green insert, limited to 10.

stream/download the album here.

Big Booty Bill and Da Fish - "Invocation of Our Swag Overlords"


a very swaggy 30 minute voyage through the minds of big booty bill and da fish, as well as kandahar homedubs' first lathe release. fun for the whole family. featuring hand-drawn artwork, a la their first cassette. record version is two 8" lathes, as well as an exclusive remix cd. limited to 10 cassette copies and 20 vinyl copies. test pressing strictly limited to 3 copies.

stream/download here.